EKHO was conceived by the Atelier Flagey makers as a new and innovative approach to the promotion of contemporary violin and bow making.

EKHO: an age-old tradition, modern ideas.

Contemporary violin making working methods have been handed down in a direct line of decent from the past masters. In the 21st century violin makers are drawn into a new world of globalisation where ideas are shared on a grand scale.


Violin and bow makers of today are the custodians of a tradition on which both music and musicians rely. Using the same techniques as our predecessors, alone at our work benches, facing rough pieces of wood, we set out to create objects which look and sound beautiful and which will be the tools and daily companions of musicians.


Violin makers, composers and performers have always collaborated so that the expertise of one corresponds to the needs and demands of the other. We want to maintain this valued cooperation and above all develop it further. In today's world where it is possible to be aware of what is happening elsewhere instantly, inevitably and quickly, we have everything to gain by being part of this movement.


The time taken to make an object of quality cannot be compressed. However, the developments that each of us can aspire to in looking at the work of others or listening to performances are, in themselves, expandable without limit. Whether as musicians or violin makers or music enthusiasts, we all benefit from the advances in applied knowledge and heightened demands.